October is AAC Awareness Month

October is AAC awareness month! So Bridges will be providing resources, tips, and news, as well as making some new product announcements related to AAC devices. Look out for these AAC related happenings in October. Breaking the ICE Conference – October 3rd : Breaking the ICE is a unique opportunity for AAC device users and… Continue reading October is AAC Awareness Month

Bridges LIVE! Coming to a City Near You

We’ve just hadour first Bridges LIVE! event in Mississauga and it was a great success.  The enthusiasm of attendees, the discussions around trends in AT, new eye gaze technology and iPad access options, teaching strategies for students with profound challenges, tools on the cloud… as usual we probably learned as much from our participants as they… Continue reading Bridges LIVE! Coming to a City Near You

Bridges LIVE! Newmarket

We’ve confirmed our next Bridges LIVE! event will be in Newmarket, Ontario.  Bridges LIVE! is an interactive, hands-on day of trying technology and curricula for students with special needs.  This year we’re focusing on tools for students with intellectual, physical and/or communication challenges who may be following modified or alternative curricula. Looks like there will… Continue reading Bridges LIVE! Newmarket