ECT Course Coming to Ontario

Environmental Communication Teaching Training Coming to Canada The focus of Environmental Communication Teaching (ECT) training is functional communication in natural environments. These sessions are taught by renown AT consultant and instructor Kelly Fonner. For this series of training we are focusing on the use of AAC strategies and tools in the school environment. The full… Continue reading ECT Course Coming to Ontario

Bridges To Learning Intent to Submit Deadline Looming

The Bridges to Learning Conference 2010 is set for May 13 15, 2010. This year we’re doing a two step process for submissions.  If you have an idea for a proposal, email a few sentences before October 1st, to That way you don’t fill out a whole proposal only to find out that someone… Continue reading Bridges To Learning Intent to Submit Deadline Looming

Portable Communication Aids

Dynavox has yanked all its Palm communication devices.  People who’ve been around for awhile remember these came from a company they bought called Enkindu.  I’m talking about the portable dynamic display communication devices that ran on Windows CE. We have a few alternatives, the Tellus Smart II from Jabbla which you can get in English,… Continue reading Portable Communication Aids