Aidan and Eye Gaze – A New World of Possibilities 

aidan and eyegaze.PNG

Last week, we got this very short email:

“I just had to share this video… We introduced the EyeGaze on Friday and again today.  This is day 2!  Oh My!  ;)”

–Barb Welsford, Assistive Technology Specialist, Bridgewater

The assistive technology team at South Shore Regional School Board in Nova Scotia sent us video clips that captured Aidan’s progress in just two days. From initial targeting and getting used to what he could do with the software to exploring communication and generating sentences.

The team used Inclusive’s EyeGaze Education bundle (MyGaze camera with EyeGaze Learning Curve software) along with activities from HelpKidzLearn, and the Grid 3 AAC software — supplied and supported by Bridges — with a school laptop.

“This exciting Assistive Technology has given Aidan an opportunity to speak, play games and demonstrate his knowledge.”

With awesome support from the team in Bridgewater, in two days Aidan goes from discovering that he can control the computer with his eyes, to building his targeting and dwell skills, to communicating with AAC software.

They said it took only 20 minutes for the school-based team to set up the technology and learn how to use it.

Aidan has been learning to use eye gaze technology for activities and tasks that were not easily possible with traditional access methods – from joining in on activities, to communication.

Thanks so much to the team at South Shore for sharing this, and especially Aidan and his family.

To learn more about eye gaze in the classroom, check out our webinars, or contact Bridges.

If you have stories, pictures or video of AT in action that you want to share, contact Bridges.

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