Redesigned k3000 Available Now for Web License Customers

Kurzweil has released to its web license customers their redesigned k3000.   It’s simpler and more intuitive to use for new users but keeps all the rich functionality that experienced Kurzweil users have grown to expect.

There’s a new more intuitive start screen but the navigation at the very top still acts the same.

screenshot k3000 new interface
Read tab in action in the new k3000.

Also new highlighting and note-taking features in the web-based companion firefly enhance reading-to-learn and reading-to-write functions.  (We’ll do a separate post about these new features, later.)

Web license customers receive this upgrade to their Windows k3000 at no cost. As of today, if you have a web license on a Windows  PC, when you run an update on your k3000, you’ll get the new version.  To run an update, just open k3000 from your desktop, select “Options” in the main navigation and click on “Updates.”

Most institutional k3000 web license customers – school districts, universities, colleges etc. – will have their settings in client machines set-up in such a way that updates aren’t automatic.  IT departments tend to want to roll out software updates at their own speed, after much testing with their image.

But if you are able to run the update and decide that you prefer to navigate the old way you can switch back.  Just click on “Classic view,” to get to the more familiar interface.

Pic Switch classic k3000 interface
Switch to classic k3000 interface is one click away.

And you can also switch at any time to the new interface.

pic switch back to new interface k3000
…And switch back to new interface, also a click away.

This update won’t affect those with network or standalone versions of Kurzweil 3000.  Upgrades to those products are coming in the spring/summer of 2016.

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