Bridges LIVE! Coming to a City Near You

We’ve just hadour first Bridges LIVE! event in Mississauga and it was a great success.  The enthusiasm of attendees, the discussions around trends in AT, new eye gaze technology and iPad access options, teaching strategies for students with profound challenges, tools on the cloud… as usual we probably learned as much from our participants as they from us!

Check out some of the feedback we received:

“Fantastic day! Thanks for all the strategies, sites, apps, ideas, etc.” –  Itinerant Teacher

“Very  knowledgeable presenters”- System LRT ASD

“This was a very useful day.  I learned a lot! I would definitely attend other days.”  — SEA coordinator


Breakthroughs for Students with Profound and Complex Challenges:

Kitchener Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ottawa Region, Thursday, April 23, 2015 (location and details to be announced soon)

Literacy tech accommodations and assessment anywhere, everywhere: iOS, Chrome,Windows, the Cloud

Calgary, Alberta, Thursday, March 19, 2015 

Edmonton (St. Albert) Alberta Friday, March 20, 2015


Based on what we heard from participant, here’s some of the best reasons to come to the next Bridges LIVE Breakthroughs for Students with Profound and Complex Challenges coming to your area:

  1.  Experience Eye Gaze hands-on. It’s new technology for most people and Eye Gaze technology has changed tremendously in just the past few months.  Low cost eye gaze systems with skill building and learning software means transitioning students with profound needs quickly, sometimes immediately, from learning the access system to learning.  Trying out the technology, working with the different options at the Bridges LIVE, really orients special educators in how this breakthrough, intuitive technology can work best for their students.
  2. Alternative access tools for the iPad: With so many of your students using iPads as part of their IEP plans, are you familiar with the latest  switches, cases, joysticks and other access tools?  At Bridges LIVE not only did we have accessibility hardware and mounting but we could show how to make it work with the accessibility resources in iOS8 and connect with other special needs software.
  3. Mathliteracy and communication curricula and strategies: New resources and stories from classrooms that have implemented Equals and MeVille to WeVille really brought their research-based thoughtful strategies to life. Participants walked away with teaching strategies they could implement immediately.
  4. New cloud-based technology:  Symbol supports and easy authoring with lower cost means it’s never been easier to create and share visual schedules, communication boards, social scripts, simple choice making activities and more through web browsers, to laptops and tablets.
  5. BYOD in action: There were tablets, iPads, laptops, Surface Pros and often participants had brought multiple machines.  Participants got to try cloud-based apps on any and all technology they use commonly. And the machines we provided meant users could try applications in a mix of operating environments

If you wish to host a Bridges LIVE! event, you can contact us via

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