SymWriter in the Cloud!

SymWriter Online Canadian has been launched.   Another familiar piece of AT software has floated up and out to lofty internet heights; symbol supported word processing is in the cloud available through your web browser.

Comparing SymWriter Online (SWO) with Communicate: SymWriter 2, the cloud version is not as feature rich as the  PC version (we’ll do a detailed comparison in a later blog). But you can create simple visual schedules, communication strips, symbol supported stories, poems and more with ease.  You can also share files to a specific student, teacher or class folder, publish to screen for PC’s, tablets and iPads, send to .pdf for printing and even use SWO as a platform for sharing SymWriter 2 documents created on your PC.

Canadian Bilingual Changes Things:

SymWriter Online is the culmination of almost 2 years of a Bridges/Widgit partnership. The first product of the partnership was the Canadian symbols for Communicate: In Print 2 and SymWriter and then in the spring of this year Communicate: SymWriter 2 Canadian was released.  We committed to creating a fully bilingual symbol word processor because we believe thoughtful use of the Widgit symbols is a great support for any primary student’s writing, not just special needs students.  The Canadian version includes:

  • Canadian symbols including geography, social studies and cultural references
  • Typing in English or French with full symbolization
  • Full high-quality North American English and French voice support.

Teachers will be using SymWriter online:

  • To introduce new vocabulary in English or French, including math, science and geography.
  • Engage visual learners in writing tasks in English or French.
  • Create simple symbol supported materials like visual schedules, communication boards anywhere to be used anywhere: home, school, community.
  • Anyone in the support team of a student with special needs can share and access symbol materials for print or to run on a PC, tablet or iPad with speech, in English or French.

There’s a free 21 day trial, but you can extend that to 3 months if you have a SymWriter 2 license key.

When you click on your trial choice – individual or group –you’ll see the option to select your language/location.  Drop down and select “English/French (Canadian).”

So what do you think of SymWriter Online Canadian?  Try it out and let us know.

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