Co:Writer Universal is Here! Any Platform, Anytime, Everywhere

Co:Writer on Laptop and iPad image
Mac, Windows, or Chromebook PC to iPad — Co:Writer Universal has got you covered.

Co:Writer Universal for all platforms is now available at one easy subscription price: Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iPad, at school, at home, for students, staff and everyone in your education community.

Why Co:Writer, why now? 

From the very beginning, Don Johnston incorporated proprietary algorithms into Co:Writer that didn’t just minimize spelling mistakes, but addressed the common writing mistakes that students with dysgraphia make – wrong first letter choices, grammatical errors, contextual prediction with no need to even type one letter and easy access to specialized curricular vocabulary. Our writers come up with the most creative options and Co:Writer’s unique Flexspell™ makes the right choice more often than any other word predictor.

With Co:Writer Universal, the unique proprietary power of Co:Writer is available on every platform your students use to write:  Mac, Windows, iOS, Chromebook.

In Chrome, Co:Writer seamlessly integrates into the Chrome browser and works anywhere students write:  blogs, email, Google Docs.  Even if your students starts a document on, for example, a Chromebook at school and then pick it up on their PC at home, the student’s settings follow him or her, wherever they are on whatever device they use.

That’s real anywhere, anytime access.  Ideal for a small independent school or in a bring your own device environment or a large district, with a mix of legacy Windows desktops, iPads and Chrome devices.

Soon, you’ll also see writing goal setting and tracking tools in Co:Writer Universal.  These tools can coach students to improve writing systemically anywhere they work.

Learn more about Co:Writer Universal here.

To join us for a webinar, click here.

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