K3000 — New Features for 2014

It’s been a busy summer for Kurzweil.   They’ve updated their Windows, Mac and web-based firefly versions.

New features are now available to anyone who has a web license subscription:  you have full access to Mac and Windows downloads and of course any changes to the firefly web version are always automatic.

For those of you with standalone or network versions, contact Bridges for upgrade pricing.  Don’t wait — substantial discounts are available for all old versions until the end of December 31, 2014.

New features include:

  • NEW! 11,000 Widgit Symbols Picture Dictionary representing 40,000 words!
  • NEW! Image Reader reads locked text, such as images, PDFs and even text in a Flash player!
  • NEW! Natural, high-quality Acapella text-to-speech voices
  • NEW! Text-to-speech in 18 languages and dialects including French
  • NEW! EPUB now supported, updates to PDF and additional new file supports
  • NEW! 10 writing templates
  • NEW! Microsoft Speech support—11 new voices
  • NEW! UPDATED FineReader® OCR—the highest quality available
  • NEW! lower subscription prices for Post-Secondary institutions. Now university/colleges can get K3000 unlimited for their entire student body for less than the cost of buying 10 licenses!
  • NEW! Usage stats and reporting.

11,000 Widgit Symbols – A big deal

A lot of districts with an accumulated large network licence or an unlimited web license are making use  of K3000 with younger and younger students.   The Widgit symbols are not just nice pictures to fill a picture dictionary and engage visual learners .  They are carefully drawn to enhance meaning and support vocabulary acquisition.  Check out Widgit’s rich curricular symbols.  These really help sort and cement key concepts in core areas of social studies, math and science.

And for students who have trouble with confusables, symbols can really help with sorting meaning of small words.

To learn more about the Widgit Symbols, click here.

Visit our updated K3000 webpage for details on all the new features.

Contact Bridges for a trial of firefly and web license.

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