Inclusive MyGaze Eye Gaze Foundations Now Available from Bridges

Inclusive’s MyGaze eye-gaze USB camera and software – the Eye Gaze Foundations package — is now available from Bridges. We were really impressed when we saw it at ATIA in Florida back in January; an exciting addition to our eyegaze line particularly as a ready classroom solution.

What we’ve heard from the UK is that classroom teachers have found the MyGaze really easy to setup and run.  Eye Gaze Foundations’ combination of easy set-up with assessment software and included activities results in a seamless start to integrating this powerful access tool in the classroom

As well as the MyGaze eye gaze tracker camera, the package includes the EyeMouse Play operating software and Attention & Looking software.

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These applications assess and teach early eye gaze skills.  With powerful real-time video, heat map and line trace recording and printable reporting.  The camera itself is easy to position and calibrate with the unique eye glasses user interface.  To get started, 18 carefully graded activities are included to develop tracking, fixating and locating skills.

But you can also use the MyGaze camera as an access method for academic and other activities in HelpKidzLearn, ChooseIt! Maker 3, Look to Learn, Clicker, and others.

We’re still sorting out exchange and importation costs but we’re estimating that the Eye Gaze Foundations package will be under $2400 CA.

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