Happy Birthday Grid Player, What’s Next?

The Grid Player has just celebrated its first birthday. Whoopee!

With birthdays come presents, and the folks at Sensory Software have delivered  lots and lots of presents presents to Grid Player users.

Unfamiliar with the Grid Player, get more info by heading here.

Talking Photographs

Yup, another new grid set! this useful set of talking images, using the Snaps Photo library, can be used to fire imagination for work, school or play.

The Grid


Text Talker Phrasebook

This grid set replaces the original Text Talker. It includes lots of phrases to enable fast communication for people who can read but not speak. There are also quick-response buttons on every grid for one word answers to questions.

New Supported Retina Display 

Grid Player 1.4 now supports the retina display available on the latest iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, giving you higher resolution grids.  Great for displaying pictures with the previously referenced awesomeness of the Talking Photographs grid set.

NOTE: For anyone creating a new online grids account you may notice that the keyboards are no longer included with Symbol Talker A and B or Text Talker. Existing Grid account holders will not lose keyboards from their grid sets. And any new Grid Player users, keyboards can be still be added via The Grid.

Click here to check out our entire collection of The Grid, The Grid Player and all Grid Accessories! 

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