Tobii C15 and CEye Eyegaze Module Assigned ADP Codes

Bridges is excited to announce that the Tobii C15 powerful, integrated, full featured, Windows based speech generating device and its optional CEye eyegaze control unit are now listed in the Ontario Ministry of Health’s ADP (Assistive Devices Program) catalogue.  ADP is a program that provides financial support to the acquisition of communication and other medical devices in Ontario.

C15 and CEye are one of several different speech generating and access devices available through ADP.  Others can be found in the documents freely available on the Health and Long-term Care website here.

This means that the C15 and the gaze controllable C15 with CEye are now available for lease or purchase through the ADP program (see specific ADP codes below).

The Tobii C15 communication device is especially suitable for users who are not ambulatory or who use a wheelchair. Together with the optional eye control module, the Tobii CEye, the C15 is appropriate for users who have limited or no use of hands or other body parts. For example:


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