Improv Assigned ADP Code for Speech Software

Bridges is excited to announce that  Improv  — augmentative communication software designed to speed up and drive novel communication, without clinician programming — is now listed in the Ontario Ministry of Health’s ADP (Assistive Devices Program) catalogue.  ADP is a program that provides financial support towards the acquisition of communication and other medical devices in Ontario.

[Improv is one of several different speech generating applications available through ADP.  Others can be found in the documents freely available on the Health and Long-term Care website here.]

This means that Improv is now available for lease or purchase through the ADP program (see the specific ADP codes below).

Improv | Improv Header

Improv, runs on Windows and is ideal for new touch based Windows tablets (note Improv is not for Windows RT devices).  With Improv augmentative communicators aren’t limited to the words programmed in their devices OR the words they can spell. With Co:Writer powering Improv, the precise word or phrase is available to communicators just by entering a few letters even if entered creatively or phonetically.  Whether it’s their favorite movie, restaurant, hobby, or current social studies topic, Improv learns new vocabulary, phrases, and stories then auto-adapts to improve communication.

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