Tobii S32 Now Has an Ontario ADP Code

Bridges is excited to announce that the Tobii S32 is now listed in the Ontario Ministry of Health’s ADP (Assistive Devices Program) catalogue.  ADP is program that provides financial support to the acquisition of communication and other medical devices.  

What is even more exciting is that the S32 is listed in both the Individual Authorizers Catalogue and the Clinic Catalogue. (see specific ADP codes below).

The Tobii S32 is just one of several different speech generating and access devices available through ADP.  Others can be found in the documents freely available on the Health and Long-term Care website here.

The S32  plays back pre-recorded messages, sounds or IR-signals, activated simply by touching a sheet of printed symbols, pictures, or scenes. The messages and sounds are recorded either directly onto the Tobii S32 speech device or via the accompanying Tobii SymbolMate software.  This is a boon and a huge time saver to a professional having to support many different clients .

Features include:

  • A recording time of over 60 hours of high quality sound.
  • Each devices includes six grid sizes; 1 (single message or visual scenes), 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 cells that are easily interchangeable.
  • You can create up to 192 unique levels, in full quality and the built-in barcode reader automatically loads up the proper recordings when the overlay is inserted.
  • Built-in environmental control.

Combination Keys feature allows you to record more than one audio file onto a single key. The feature also allows the use of a second key, in combination with the first, to dictate which of the recordings you wish to play back from the original key. Use Combination Keys to express, for example, the same word/phrases in different languages.

Two models to choose from:

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