Pererro: Tiny Voiceover Powered Switch interface for iOS

We spotted this little guy at the recent ATIA conference in Florida only because of the crowds around the booth.  This switch interface is barely the size of an Apple projector video output dongle or (if you can cast your mind back to computer “ancient history”) an old serial cable connector.

We have a few very fine switch interface solutions for the iPad, iPhones and other iOS devices  including the Switch2Scan (for scanning) and the Applicator.

PERERRO iOS switch interface
The Pererro is only 36 × 29 × 9 mm.

What’s neat about the Pererro is not only its size but that it uses iOS’ VoiceOver commands to drive switch access.  That delivers a lot of access to a lot of Apps – a good 70-80% claim to be Voice Over compatible.

You also get access to the other standard iOS functions — phone, messaging, email & social networking applications, through any standard switch. Since Pererro is connected directly to the iPad, there is none of the Bluetooth battery drain, that is common with other devices.

We are still waiting for our sample to put it through its paces and set pricing.  Until then, here are some of the key features according to the manufacturer:

    • Works with almost any VoiceOver   enabled app
    • Plug & Play
    • Two scan modes; Auto & Step scanning
    • Direct input so no Bluetooth battery drain
    • Powers directly from your device
    • 3.5mm mono jack socket for universal switch input
    • Charge through’ ability to charge your device without disconnecting
    • Just 36 × 29 × 9 mmPererro_1_Portrait.2_NR__thumb


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