Introducing Literacy Lab

Literacy Lab DVD'sResearch backs-up what classroom experience has told us for years: the more kids read, the better they read and the more pleasure they get out of reading, which means they read more… and on and on in a virtuous cycle.

This is just as true for our students with cognitive and communication challenges who are at a beginning or emerging literacy level;  literacy teaching needs to build slowly, but still keep students interested.

Dr. Karen Erickson — who many of you know from her research work at the University of North Carolina, Centre for Literacy and Disabilities Studies, or from Bridges conferences and seminars — has tried to address this need in the past with her work in developing, Balanced Literacy, MeVille to Weville, Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters and the popular Route 66 website.

Literacy Lab, created in close consultation with Dr. Erickson, is a new age neutral instruction program that creates opportunities for all students to comfortably learn to read and write individually or within a group. Literacy Lab can support the needs of diverse learners, including those with intellectual, physical or communication challenges but is also an ideal intervention for RTI and ELL.

Literacy Lab is based on the premise that all students can learn with repetition of patterns through a variety of reading materials.  Combine that with exploration and practice activities with plenty of opportunities for assessment.  So Literacy Lab provides students with the opportunity to master readings through repetition of patterns while building on comprehension and understanding through a wide variety of engaging reading materials.

Literacy Lab addresses students who are in the earliest stages of literacy development – just beginning to understand concepts of the alphabet and who have limited phonological awareness.   But it works well for those who would benefit from discreet training to build on those established skills.  Age neutral, the presentation and activities work well for elementary right through to high school students with special needs.

Why you’ll love Literacy Lab!

  • Over 1,000 richly illustrated books and activities that support “repetition with variety”
  • 8 Units, each based on a different Science or Social Studies theme
  • Literacy Lab provides 30-50 weeks of instruction at each of 3 instructional levels.
  • Each level contains 38 reading and skill activities for a total of 114 instructional opportunities per unit.
  • Embedded Progress monitoring to determine where a student should start within Literacy Lab, how they are progressing and where they need more assistance.

To learn more about Literacy Lab visit our new web page and download a free trial

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