Sine Keyboard — Another AT Tool Adopted by the Mainstream


I recently stumbled across the Siine keyboard app for speeding up messaging on a mobile device.  Siine is an on-screen keyboard for Android that uses symbols and icons to represent stock phrases, words, sentences, names that you’ll use over and over again.  For example, hit the bow-tie icon that says greetings and you spit out a sentence like “Hey, how’s it going.”  Set up whatever phrases and greetings you like.

Sound familiar?

Anyone working in AAC for the past 20 years will recognized the same principal that drives a whole slew of communication software and apps — hit a button once to communicate a lot.

Too bad they didn’t use some decent symbols like Widgit’s.

Just add Siine to the list of dozens of other examples of AT designed to address a necessity — word prediction/completion, voice output, voice recognition, PDA’s etc. etc. — that eventually enters the mainstream as a convenience.

Bogdan Pospielovsky

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