Read Anything on Your Screen Even Flash and Images

The recently released, Snap & Read from Don Johnston will read virtually anything on your computer.  This is a wonderfully effective and simple text to speech tool.

Just drag a frame around what you want to read on the screen (much like some screen image capture tools out there)and in seconds the high quality speech is reading the text outloud. Of course it will speak electronic text, but it will also turn what was once inaccessible images of text into readable electronic text, that you can even paste into your study notes or other document.

  • Flash presentations on a website
  • Graphics with text imbedded (like maps, graphs or diagrams)
  • Images of “text” often used in websites

People who saw Snap & Read premiered at Bridges to Learning conference were instantly impressed by its speed and ease of

use.  You can either install Snap&Read on Mac/Windows computer (runs the sam

e) or load it  on a USB Flash drive and run the application directly from there

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With an unlimited school site license for only $427, we weren’t surprised when a school order a Snap and Read  license right at the conference.To see a movie of Snap & Read in action check out our new video page with all our recent product videos and webinars.

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