Grid Player for iPad Now Available in Canada

Grid Player for iOS from Sensory Software is no w available.  We raved about the Grid II player when we saw it at Closing the Gap back in the fall.  The Player enables users of The Grid 2 to use their communication grids on mobile devices.  It also allows clinicians or other support people to create grids in the Grid 2 and send them down to users devices remotely.

Grid Player on iPad and iPhone

Grid Player comes with 3 complete grid sets that have been specially designed to work on our Grid Player devices and can be used without purchasing The Grid 2. To make changes to these grid sets, or to use other Grid 2 resources with Grid Player, you need to have The Grid 2 PC software.

Sensory has created Grid Player optimized versions of their most popular grid sets.  You can download these from Online Grids.  Grid Player comes with  Widgit and SymbolStix symbols.  Right now add-on symbol libraries such as PCS, Bliss and Makaton aren’t available.

Speech is delivered with high quality with male and female Acapela voices.  Stay tuned for more info and a review once we get to try it out.

–Bogdan Pospielovsky

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