10 Start-to-Finish Books for $426 — The Classroom Collection

Don Johnston has collected ten of its most popular Start-to-Finish books into one rich reading resource – Classroom Collection.  That’s one accessible book for each month of the school year, for the whole class, for only $426.

We’ve seen in classrooms across Canada how Start-to-Finish books have been the first chapter books struggling or reluctant readers – students with reading challenges, ELL’s, students with mild developmental delays or significant physical disabilities – have read.  (Click here for an overview of STF books including a video http://bridges-canada.com/youdle/start-to-finish-books.aspx ).  What’s remarkable is how often that first STF book proves to be a gateway to a world of reading, building their independent reading skills with Start-to-Finish scaffolds, then venturing on to other texts.

Start-to-Finish Classroom CollectionThe e-books in the Classroom Collection are fully switch accessible and the cloze quizzes, professional narration and fluency practice deliver compelling guidance for readers.  You can print text from the included pdf’s or buy paperback books to accompany the cd titles.

There are a wealth of additional printable pdf resources including black line masters for end-of-chapter cloze quizzes, vocabulary lists, worksheets and assessments, modeled implementation and four sample lessons (each address a different reading strategy).  Teachers will find the Classroom Collection resources as applicable for whole class instruction as for individualized interventions.

Each Classroom Collection comes with 7 Gold Level (grade 2- grade 3 reading level) and 3 Blue Level (grade 4 – grade 5 reading level) books, including: Romeo and Juliet, Black Beauty, Frankenstein, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Treasure Island, The Call of the Wild, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Red Badge of Courage,   Kidnapped, Tom Sawyer.

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