firefly By Kurzweil Goes Live!

Some of you have had a chance to try out the new web delivered Kurzweil reading tool, firefly.  Well now it’s gone prime time and is officially released.

Screen shot of firefly reading
Screen shot of firefly reading

All new V.13 web network licensees can now use their username and password to get access to Firefly; you’ve been automatically registered.

You can also register and get a free trial on the firefly webpage.

If you tried out firefly before new features have recently been added.  This of course is the beauty of a web delivered tool.  As well as anywhere-you-have-internet access, firefly will constantly be updated and improved with new features without an upgrade process and any strain on school IT resources.

So in the latest version of firefly, you’ll see new document highlighting in several colours of your choice, enhanced translation tools and new navigational features.

Call your Bridges consultant for a guided tour of K3000 Web V.13 and firefly.

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