Equals Alignments to Provincial Math Standards, Now Available

Equals Canada BannerTables that demonstrate how the Ablenet special needs math curriculum, Equals, aligns to provincial standards are now available on the Ablenet website (under the tab, Province Standards).  These alignment documents for Ontario, Quebec and the Western Protocol spell out explicitly the connections between Equals and these curricula.

One of the qualities that has made Equals so attractive to educators right across Canada, is the fact that it reflects the breadth of the mathematics curriculum covered by provincial standards.

Equals Math Curriculum
Equals Math Curriculum

Alignments are done very broadly to include the needs of students with significant disabilities and reflect the common core standards formulated by NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).  The NCTM standards and recommended teaching best practices are the foundation of Canadian math teaching practice.

Equals was Canadianized by Bridges and was published in mid-March of 2011.

The Equals Canadian alignment documents are in Equals Math Lesson order.  But because these documents are spreadsheets, visitors can sort them by grade level, among other headings.

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