SymbolWorld — Free Symbolized Articles on the Web

www.SymbolWorld.orgis a FREE website for symbol readers from Widgit, who make Communicate: In Print and Communicate: Symwriter.  It’s been a much loved resource for years.

Image of home page
SymbolWorld, by Widgit, homepage.

Now it’s been totally redeveloped with a new-look
and improved accessibilty features.

Over 400 articles and growing, Symbolworld is for users of all ages with a huge variety of articles and stories on:

  • Science (Nature, Technology, Health)
  • Time And Place
  • Lifestyle       
  • Entertainment      
  • People                    
  • Sport               
  • Stories

Plus the eLive section contains timely current event articles.  Updated weekly, eLive always has current news stories and new articles on news from around the world, movie reviews and feature articles.

Why not become a contributor? Most of the materials in these sections are sent in by symbol users, their parents or teachers.

Symbolworld is also a great model for anyone making symbol resources of how to create effective symbolized material.

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