From CTG 2011: Grid Player for the iPad!

The creators of the fabulous Grid II dynamic screen communication software were showing off their new Grid Player for iPad, iPhones and other iOS devices.  Unlike other portable device communication software, the Grid Player is a free extension to the already proven, robust Grid II communication software.

As users of the Grid II already know, it’s a great, easy, full featured environment to author in. The Grid Player lets you create communication boards in the Grid II and then send the completed communication board(s) to the i-device.

grid player on ipad
The Grid Player on an iPad from the exhibit hall floor of Closing the Gap 2011 conference.

Without needing all that authoring functionality on the portable device (although you can do on the spot editing), it means that the player device isn’t overloaded with unnecessary functionality to slow it down or use up premium memory.  Also the Grid will reformat pictures automatically so that they’re optimized for the Grid Player.

The Grid Player could prove to be a real game changer for clinicians and other professionals supporting individuals using i-devices for face-to-face communication.  Clinicians will be able to:

  • Create boards in the clinic and push out via the net to clients they support
  • Easily support many users using i-Devices
  • Use existing boards on i-devices – no need to create new communication boards and double up work.

The folks at Sensory are looking to support other portable devices too.

It looks like the Grid Player will come free with purchases of Grid II and current owners of the Grid can get the Player for free too.  Grid II owners will use one of their install tokens for an IPad version.

See the step by step below with my shots from CTG’s exhibit hall floor.

The UK will see their version first – sometime in the next couple of weeks.  North America will have to wait until January 2012.

Shot of Grid II software on the laptop. The drop down says Ipad – you can change that to iPhone/iTouch and, in the future other devices. So when you create the Grid (or edit an existing one) only the functions that are possible on the iPad will port over. Even better, all the images will have resolution that’s best for an iPad or whatever device you’ve selected.
grid player downloading on ipad
On the iPad you refresh your grids and voila! (sorry about that nasty glare).It’s downloaded from the cloud. Each user has their own account where the grids are swapped and stored. No futzing with iStore either – its all done via Sensory own cloud-space.

3 thoughts on “From CTG 2011: Grid Player for the iPad!

  1. how to become the Grid Player for the iPad? he folks at Sensory are looking to support other portable devices

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