Kurzweil 3000 Version 13 Announced

Kurzweil V. 13 Licenses simplified and consolidated

Important changes now make managing and implementing K3000 licenses so much easier.

In the new Kurzweil 3000 V.13, the three license types – Professional Colour, Professional Black and White and Learn Station – have been consolidated into one license type, simply Kurzweil 3000.

Classroom computer labBut in simplifying the license structure they’ve also brought down the price of Version 13 compared to the old V.12 professional colour.

So every new Kurzweil 3000 licence will now have the complete functionality of the old Professional Colour but at a lower price.

Plus Kurzweil 3000 now ships with a single dual-layer DVD containing both the Macintosh and Windows software. You no longer have to specify Mac or Windows for new orders.

To find out how this simplified license structure affects you, contact your Bridges sales consultant.

Version 13 – Functionally the Same as V.12

The same great mix of features in v.12 is in Version 13. From a software functionality standpoint, there is no difference between version 12 and 13.  The changes between version 12 and version 13 are in the new licensing and pricing structures outlined above.

Implementation for All

Unlimited Site Licenses of K3000 web start for as little as $3,995 for K-12 school and Higher Education sites. Pricing is based on the enrolment of the institute.  This yearly subscription will include the new Firefly web delivered version of K3000 for free (coming in January 2012).  This means anytime and anywhere access to the best literacy support software available for everyone in your education community

with the introduction of Unlimited Site Licensing, you can now individualize support for students at all tiers of intervention — from those in need of limited support, to students that require intensive assistance.  And in V.13 all the Kurzweil features are always available to you.

Multi-year, multi-site pricing for schools and higher education is also available.
Contact your Bridges consultant for all the details.

Kurzweil 3000 V.13 should start shipping in 6-8 weeks.

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