Two New Must haves for Designated Classrooms

In a designated classroom or resource room with students with a wide range of physical and cognitive challenges, there are some tools a teacher just can’t do without.   The Audable™  and TalkTrac are two great tools that help with the essentials for learning – hearing and communicating.

Many students will have their own hearing aid or face-to-face communication aid.  But what if the student is new and they don’t have a tool yet?  Or what if something is broken or the battery is dead?  But Audable™  and Talktrac aren’t just great backups. They enhance, support and work with individualize communication and hearing aids.

Audable Personal Amplifier
Audable Personal Amplifier

The Audable™ Personal Amplifier doesn’t just make things louder, its micro processing actually filters out unwanted noise and amplifies speech, so you hear better.  If you’ve ever known a student or adult with a hearing aid, you’ll know how indiscriminate they are:  amplifying all sound without the complex balancing of important sounds from background noise that our brains do.  This can create unbearable distractions for our students with special needs and auditory processing impairments.  Audable™  actually balances sound to send distracting noise to the background and bring speech front and centre.  Audable™ is even fully compatible with hearing aids and will enhance them.

Follow this link to get more details on how the removable microphone and other  Audable™ features reduce the auditory distractions of a busy classroom, improve comprehension and easily connect students with auditory processing challenges to their world.

See a video about Audable here

TalkTrac Wearable Communicator

TalkTrac wearable communication aid.

TalkTrac was a favourite in classrooms for years.  Now it’s back with better audio quality and performance.  Of course it’s great for breaking the ice, interacting with classmates and friends or as a supplement to a communication device (e.g. easily accessible personal information.)

But teachers also love the TalkTrac for class errands, to-do lists, plays and games, visual schedules and social scripts.   TalkTrac is a perfect companion for children and adults on the autism spectrum, helping them feel more comfortable in social situations.  Get all the details and specs on the TalkTrac here.

See a video about the TalkTrac here

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