March Special — 20% OFF Widgit Software

Get 20% off all Widgit products for the month of March, exclusively from Bridges!

Widgit March sale

Communicate: Symwriter Canadian: – the bilingual symbol word processor from the makers of Writing with Symbols.

Communicate: In Print: The easy to use symbols supported design and publishing software for schools.  Easily create the materials every classroom needs: flash cards, books, worksheets, signs, notes home and more.

Communicate: Ideas: A symbol-supported graphic organizer and dynamic environment for modeling and organizing thoughts and ideas! Ideal for primary schools.

Communicate: By Choice. Easy to author choice making software supported by 10,000 Widgit symbols.

And even the breakthrough web based symbol tools Point and Insite

Point – make your website accessible: Add symbol support to text on a web page without altering the page’s appearance.

Insite: The Symbol Web Content Editor: Insite allows you to create online content supported with Widgit Symbols.

First Keys 3: The keyboard skill development program that teaches literacy skills through text matching, spelling and word blends. Includes phonics sounds from Jolly Phonics.

Special pricing available until March 31st.

School, cumulative and district wide licensing now available.

To access special pricing through our webstore, simply enter the promo code MARCH20

One thought on “March Special — 20% OFF Widgit Software

  1. I just found this site. I founded an orphanage in Kolkata. Four of my girls have multiple disabilities. I am developing some skill in Widgit and will also have our website using insite and point. I googled wordpress and widgit software and found this site. I have the licenses but do you know if there is a way to use widgit in wordpress? My blog is I’ve written to wordpress and next I’ll contact Widgit. I deal directly with the people in UK. Thanks for any info you hvae. I’m signing up to follow your work. Maybe you would like to visit India?????

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