Morph Your iPad® Into a Functional Durable Device

The iAdapter™ for iPads just debuted at ATIA Orlando.  Featuring independently powered amplified speakers with hi/low volume switch, a 10 hr. battery life, Threaded inserts on back for wheelchair mount plate, And a sliding door to hide the home button.

And the rubberized reinforced corners make it durab

The New iAdapter for iPads from AMDi.

le.   Recently it was unintentionally tested by someone at the ATIA conference when it was accidentally dropped face down. As many “I” users know, dropping an iTouch®, iPhone® or iPad face down usually end in disaster. But the iAdapter performed beautifully and there was no harm to the device.

The speakers add sound power and longevity.  The external speakers have their own charger which means they do not draw power from the iPad. The sound was amazing and the volume could be turned up quite loud. Individuals using the iAdapter would have no difficulty being heard in a cafeteria or gathering.

The addition of the door to hide the home button is a simple feature that makes a big difference. It prevents students from accidentally activating the button which would take them out of their communication applications and place them back into the main menu. AMDi is also now providing an additional button cover which will close the “home” button more permanently, making it more like a dedicated device!

Other features include a desk mount, stand and carrying strap – there’s even a wheelchair mount available.

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