Bridges at Ontario CEC Nov. 12-13th

Bridges will be at the CEC (Ontario Council for Exceptional Children 54th Annual Special Education Conference) on November 12th – 13th.

Bridges’ very own Susie Blackstien-Adler will be doing two presentations.

1. Smart Inclusion: Supporting participation of all students in the classroom.

This 1 hour presentation is a SMART Inclusion project that utilizes UDL, DI, aided language stimulation and the participation model to guide the use of assistive technology with interactive whiteboards will be shared through demonstration of the technology, video examples of its application in the classroom and outcomes relating to teacher training and student achievement.

2. Multiple Means of Representation in Reading and Writing: Where do symbols fit and how can we make them available?

Students who have difficulty with vocabulary development, reading, and writing often struggle to keep pace with the curriculum in science, social studies and related subject areas. This hands-on workshop will introduce a number of symbol –based applications that can be used to support comprehension and written expression in large group and individual instruction.  This is a 3 hour workshop

Bridges and YOUDLE will also be exhibiting tons of software, resources, tools, manipulatives and many more at the booths.

So come down and check us out!

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