Equals Canadian Edition is Coming Soon

Equals is the unique, Pre K-12 curriculum that provides the best in mathematics instruction for educators who work with students in special education or in alternative education programs. From the first time we saw it, we loved it.  So we’re partnering with Ablenet to Canadianize the content – metric measurement, appropriate picture prompts, Canadian money etc.  We liked Equals so much because of its thoroughness:

  • Complete scope and sequence of math skills
  • Lessons range from pre-emerging math to traditionally taught math standards

    Equals Box Diagram
    What you get in the Equals Math Curriculum Box
  • K-12 with age-neutral lessons
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Real life problem solving (school-home-community math applications)
  • Math manipulatives (specifically for students with disabilities)

    Manipulatives and Math Tools in Ablenet Equals
    The manipulatives and math tools that come included in Ablenet's Equals curricula.
  • Hundreds of worksheets at multiple levels of complexity
  • Math posters, workmats, and cards

We’re well into working on it with Ablenet so expect a Canadian version in early 2012.

A teacher in a primary contained classroom, who tried it out and reviewed it for us at the end of last school year, loved how complete it was: lesson plans, supports, manipulatives, all levelled to address the needs of all her students.  And so many manipulatives – everything that was referenced in the curricula was right there in the kit.  She found she didn’t have to follow every lesson to the letter.  She was able to use them as a basis for a lesson or just a source of great ideas to tweak her teaching.  She could still incorporate her own ideas.

To get a better idea of Equals you can request a sample lesson from Bridges or checkout the Ablenet website.   Or you can check out these testimonial videos on Youtube:

From a teacher working with 18-21 year olds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJf7MskkN1A&feature=related

From an school district administrator http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuGljTHmefo


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