Youdle E-Board Access Box – Every Smart Classroom Needs One

Youdle E-Board Access Box
Youdle E-Board Access Box


A Youdle Box designed to get the most out of your SMART Board™ for all your students.  Overcome reach, targeting, fine motor and other challenges, for effective differentiated instruction and universal learning for all abilities.

YOUDLE E-Board Access Box (No. YB-30010) $245

Through our SMART Inclusion training program, implemented in dozens of Canadian schools, Bridges has shown teachers how they can tap the versatility of the SMART Board™ for inclusion for students with all learning needs.  We’ve used that experience to choose the tools and shape the rich resources in our new Youdle E-Board Access Box.

We found many students did much better with targeting, and movement holding one of the many different types of pointers.  Not to mention extending the reach of little ones and teachers.  We’ve used this experience, to test and select these tools.

For some the heft and grip of a ball was best for selecting and dragging, while other students could practice printing with the fine points of one of the foam shapes with corners.

For some instruction a physical keyboard or mouse is the best option even when displaying on an interactive whiteboard.  Then why not increase the opportunity for success and decrease the distraction and frustration of missed keyboard strikes and wrong mouse clicks.  Both teachers and students love the included large key keyboard, single button mouse and trackball.

YOUDLE E-Board Access Box With Wireless Wave Rollerball (YB-30015) $564

Do you have a switch user or someone with limited mobility in your classroom?
Switch the included KidTrack with the wireless Wave Trackball.

Wireless Wave Trackball
Wireless Wave Trackball

In this version of the E-Board Access Box we’ve switched out the BlGtrack for the Wireless Wave Rollerball, featuring a smooth moving oversized trackball that requires only the slightest touch. Colour-coded buttons for left/right clicks and drag lock (mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental activation) and stable wrist support.   And two switch ports, too.

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