Conceptua Fractions Adds Speech, Premium Service

Conceptua Screen Shots
Screen Shots from the free Conceptua fraction teaching website.

Conceptua Fractions was definitely a hit at May’s Bridges’ to Learning Conference.  Researched backed fraction teaching tools, free to all comers — what’s not to like?!

But now they’ve spent the summer beefing up their premium service and you can get a free preview.

The Premium Subscription Has a complete sequence of fractions activities, applying math concept models, to build conceptual understanding of fractions.

  • Over 450 or 60 hours of supplemental fractions activities
  • Tools instruction and student-centered practice
  • Built-in formative assessment and differentiation
  • Ideal for RtI Tiers 2 & 3, ELL and Special Ed.


  • Understanding Fractions
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions
  • Mixed Numbers
  • Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Adding & Subtracting with Uncommon Denominators
  • Adding & Subtracting Mixed Numbers with Uncommon Denominators
  • Multiplying Fractions
  • Dividing Fractions

They’ve even added live speech support.

Check it out at and get using the free tools for whole class instruction or student support right now. Or contact Bridges for a personal tour.

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