Bridges to Learning–Last Chance to Register at Regular Fees

Only a few days left before registration fees go up for the Bridges to Learning Conference. April 28th, late registration fees will go into effect.

Some of the over 30 sessions to chose from at Canada’s national conference on teaching and learning with technology include:

  • A Working Session on Action Research for Literacy Educators Differentiated Instruction through Project Based Learning and Course Management Software
  • Utilizing iPod Touch Technology to Support Students with Disabilities: 4 Case Studies
  • Literacy Strategies for the 21st Century: to Web 2.0 or Not to Web 2.0?
  • Plus presentations on unique research, and 3 preconferences to chose from.

Some of our featured presenters this year include David Bradburn, Kevin Johsnton, Karen Erickson and Kelly Fonner.  Our keynote is Stevan Kukic who is presenting on Response to Intervention. Check out all the details at our conference micro site,

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada logoThe Bridges to Learning Conference is generously supported by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

For more info visit

Sorting Through



Familiarization with a range of technology to support individual goals. Honing skills in matching tools to the task, individual and environment.

How to use the essential components of a technology while making connections to specific goals and to the needs of students.  Functions and strategies that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

Build on foundational knowledge to apply the tools for a specific purpose

Some popular topics include test taking, UDL implementation, Assistive Technology for Information Technologists, Web Accessibility


Anyone involved with assessment and prescribing tools


Classroom teachers, EA’s with first little experience with the specific tool.


Technology leaders in your board who support frontline teachers.

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