Free Grid II Sets: Talkative, Firefox, Googlemail

Some Great new free bundles for the Grid II are now available from the Sensory website.  Just visit


Talkative Vocabulary Set for the Grid II
A ready made, in depth vocabulary set for the Grid II by sensory.

Talkative is the much anticipated free communication vocabulary from Sensory Software. There are two versions — the Talkative (U) version (for Universal), without adult wordsand Talkative (15) (For 15 years of age and higher).   These are very well thought out vocab pages comparable to other vocab sets like Wordpower.  A great place to start for an active communicator, without having to create Grids from scratch.

Chatterbox for the Grid II
A vocabulary set for the communication software, the Grid II.


This is also a vocab grid set.  But Chatterbox provides a large symbol vocabulary in a small number of cells.

Firefox OSK

Two grids for use with the popular alternative to Internet Explorer, the Mozilla Firefox web browser.


An add on for Grid Keys users for help navigating googlemail, it can also be used with The Grid 2.

An add on for Grid Keys or Grid II users for navigating Googlemail.  For this grid bundle to work you will have to have keyboard shortcuts enabled in your googlemail account, to turn shortcuts on or off, click Settings and then pick an option next to Keyboard shortcuts.

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