Upgrade AMDI Smart Series Communication Aids

Smart Scan 8
AMDI Smart/Scan8

Smart Series Version 2

New Features are available in the latest version of AMDI’s Smart Series communication aids.  You can even upgrade your old smart series devices to Version 2

New upgrade includes:

  • Recording on the device… no more waiting for the light to flash… just press record, select a location press and record… same as our Tech Series devices.
  • Redesigned circuitry with a dual CPU processor giving the device the ability to speed up the rate of message response time and eliminating delay time between selecting your location and hearing the message being spoke.
    • Smart/128 from AMDI
      AMDI's Smart/128
  • Enhanced the quality of sound with a new amplifier and a 3 inch speaker giving the Smart Series devices the best sound of any of our products.
  • Adding an external level select switch on the rear panel of the device… this will give a choice of manually changing levels or using the sensors for overlay recognition.
  • Overlay Designer Pro software will be included with every new Smart Series device purchase.

Please contact your local Bridges office to arrange for your device to be sent in for upgrade and for pricing.

AMDI Smart/Speak
AMDI Smart/Speak

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