Tip for Mobile Devices Part I

You can easily connect the Tellus Smart II or the AbleLink Cognitive support devices to a regular keyboard for programming with a little dongle.  This way you don’t have to use the little on screen keyboard if you want to make an adjustment.   Of course, you can also create or edit a communication page on your pc with the accompanying Mind Express Smart software and export or copy the files over to the Tellus Smart.

And for either the Pocket Endeavor or Community Integration Suite, you can create new tasks on a Windows computer with the included AIMS Taskbuilder software.

All you need is a little adapter to go from a large USB to the little USB port (same kind of port as on a digital camera). It comes with Tellus Smart II’s now.  But we found one at DigiKey for just under $5.50.  The item #is 10-00003-ND.

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