Cool ATIA Stuff Part III: Mount’n Mover

The Mountn’ Mover is a wheelchair mount for communication devices, laptops etc that swings out of the way easily with minimum effort.  This gives the opportunity for a user to take full advantage of the dexterity that is available to them to get in and out of their chair without a care giver removing or repositionin their device. You can actually create pre-set positions so when you swing it out of the way or into your working position, in locks into place with minimum effort.  You can

Mount'n Mover
Basic setup of Mount'n Mover

change the position of the rests with a simple tool or flathead screwdriver.  When I tried it out at the conference I found it really easy to move around and set up.  I was also surprised how light it was.

We don’t have a demo version of this mount in quite yet, but we should get it in early in the new year.

There’s more info on their new website There are some great videos on youtube ( this is a good overview or just search for Mount’n Mover.  Pricing depends on what bits you need to attach to the chair, type of tray etc.  But you should guess somewhere around $1500, give or take a few hundred, depending on specifics.

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