Neat Stuff from ATIA Part II — Tellus 3

The Tellus 3+is a new computer based dynamic communication aid from Jabbla (the same folks who make the Tellus Smart.

Tellus 3 communication aid

It has five big programmable buttons next to the 12,1” touch screen. These are big (about 1”) buttons, with a sleeve you can slide a strip of any symbols, pictures/words etc. over top of.  You can program the buttons to do almost anything: system controls such as volume settings, system sleep, wakeup.  But they but can also be used for standard messages, to call attention or as a talking clock.  It comes with Mind Express for symbol/communication board users or Eurovocs Suite for text based communicators or simply add Speaking Dynamically Pro, Tobii Communicator or the Grid II.  For eyegaze control, you can attach the Alea Eyegaze system.


  • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor, 80 GB Hard Disk – 1GB RAM
  • Windows® XP Tablet Edition with Mind Express and/or Eurovocs Suite
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports – 1 Type II PC Card slot – 1 Firewire (IEEE-1384) port 5.9 pounds (2,7kg)  (without external battery).  The battery life can be extended with with an extra external battery.  The mounting plate can be extended to hold an extra battery.

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