Grid II Communication Access Software — Licensing for Clinicians

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about usage rights for clinicians for the face to face communication software, the Grid II from Sensory.  If its bought for a user can a clinic install it on their computers to support their user, create communication grids etc.


I’ve pasted some information from the licensing document.  If you would like the licensing documentation, let me know and I’ll send them to you.  The wording is refreshingly clear and un-legalese.

1. Licence code

The licence code (printed on the front of this document) permits one activation plus two spare activations.

The spare activations may be used by a person supporting the user, for example a parent, teacher or therapist.  Spare activations may also be used to re-install the software following a disk failure or replacement of the computer.

2. USB licence key

The USB licence key permits the software to be used on a computer that has the software installed as long as the USB key is plugged into the computer.

If you have a USB licence key, you will not need a licence number.

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